Tentative Dates for Senior Events

GHS Staff and ASB/ASG leaders are busy planning senior events. Below are some activities being planned with tentative dates and times. We will provide updated information as we receive it. 

Wednesday, 5/5, 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.: Cap and gown distribution.

Saturday, 5/22, 3-6 p.m.: Free prom pictures for all GHS 12th graders on the front steps of GHS (if the weather cooperates), or on the steps in the commons (if it doesn’t). This is still being planned—red carpet, livestream, TikTok challenges, playlist, etc. The idea is to have students sign up for windows of time to prevent crowding. Class of 2020 alum Sam Boyar will be taking the pics.

Friday, June 11, after school-6 p.m.: Drive through graduation celebration. For new folks: last year, Ms. Lynch and the PTSA organized an amazing send-off to the class of 2020 in the back parking lot of GHS. Students wore their caps and gowns and drove with their families down a route on 25th that was PACKED with excited GHS staff (masked and six feet apart, duh), screaming our heads off with congratulations and love. For many of us, it was the first time we’d seen the kids or each other since March. Mr. Barnes wore the bulldog suit. In the middle, Mr. Howard, covered in PPC, handed out swag bags, including the classic senior class dog tags. Even though this year, in-person graduation is just a few days later, we’re still planning to do this, swag and all, because it seems most faculty won’t be able to attend the ceremony at Memorial.

Wednesday, June 15, 5 p.m.: In-person graduation at Memorial.

Wednesday, June 15, after graduation: Grad Night. Ms. Theo Cielos and the PTSA have for many years put on an all-night party for seniors after graduation, and it seems that they’ll be able to do that this year, too.  The venue is a large indoor/outdoor space that complies with COVID capacity guidelines.