Weekend Food for Hungry Children – Donations Needed

Backpack Brigade is in desperate need of cash donations! If you can, please give today and spread the word through social media, word of mouth or any other way you can rally support to feed hungry kids.

Backpack Brigade provides weekend food bags to children in need. Since the school closure, they have gone from distributing 925 bags a week to over 1600. They are not only supporting the school district, but also individual schools and homeless shelters. Their costs have risen to almost $8,000 a week in food alone, a level that is proving to be be very challenging to sustain. 

To read more about weekend student meal support: https://www.seattleschools.org/district/calendars/news/what_s_new/coronavirus_update/resources/student_meals

To donate:  https://www.backpackbrigade.org/donate