Small Grants

The Garfield PTSA invites GHS teachers, staff and Student Clubs to apply for project funding through our Small Grants program.

Applications are considered three or more times a year by the Building Leadership Team (BLT), a group of administrators, teachers, staff and PTSA representatives that also strives to welcome regular student participation in these and other decisions.

Applications are evaluated for factors including:

  • Number of students who will benefit.
  • How sustainable or measurable the proposal effects are beyond a single year.
  • Impact on students who in the past have been underserved.
  • Availability of adequate alternate funding resources.

The rubric attached to the application has more details about evaluation. (Download is below).

Calming Room picture showing couches and other furniture
PTSA Small Grant funds in 2023 helped convert a conference room into a multipurpose “calming room.”

This is a small grant program (typical grants have ranged from $200 to $2,500), not a bridge loan or cash flow program. Funds may not be used to settle debts. See some examples of grants.

A high proportion of the proposals are funded, so please take the time to apply. We try our best to award these grants to assist our students, supporting your good ideas. Thank you for all you do for Garfield!


The application must be signed by a GHS administrator, teacher or staff person who is knowledgeable about the proposal.

  • GHS staff proposals must be signed by your department head or a designated faculty/staff member.
  • Student proposals must be signed by a Faculty Advisor.


  1. Download the BLT Small Grant Application and Rubric (below).
  2. Fill out the form and attach a detailed budget. Please be clear about how the money will be spent, when it will be spent, and the minimum amount you will need to be successful.
  3. Secure the signatures necessary to show approval by an appropriate GHS administrator, teacher or staff person.
  4. Email the completed application (Word doc or PDF) to the contacts below.


Complete applications will be considered only if they are received at least one day in advance of the designated BLT review meetings. (Some specific deadlines are below.) 

2023-24 BLT grant review meetings:

  1. Oct. 24 — Deadline: Oct. 20
  2. Jan. 23 — Deadline: Jan. 19
  3. April 23 [tentative] — Deadline: April 19
  4. TBA (if funds are still available) 

Decisions are typically available one day after the meeting. For information on recently awarded grants, search the PTSA website for “grants.”

If you have read all above information, you can now download the BLT Small Grant Application and Rubric in PDF or Word:

Download document as a PDF Download document as a Word doc

2023-24 CONTACTS are


Staff should direct questions to Mr. Rees. Others should contact the PTSA reps, at