Welcome to the Garfield Student Activities Pages

By Grade – We have categorized our eBark stories to help find events and features by our students’ graduating year, to help narrow down all the information available.  By clicking on the year, the most current stories will come up!  Find the current years in the drop down!

By Sport – You can also find the Metro League Website linked here, so that you can find the event information for all our sports teams.  Want to support Garfield Sports?  Contact and donation information for Garfield Sports Boosters is available on the PTSA website as well.

By Performance – Garfield Theater, Orchestra, and Choir have their own websites, and the PTSA eBark posts all their events here on the PTSA website.  You can find the individual websites on the Garfield Theater, Arts, and Music page and you can find the most current events on the Performing Arts page.

By Activity – Garfield High School has so many student clubs it is almost impossible to keep track of them all!  A current list of official clubs, where they meet, and how to start a new club, can be found on the Garfield HS Website Clubs and Organizations page. The PTSA website has a Student Groups and Clubs page that links only to a sample of clubs (each of which has its own website). If you are a student who would like a club or student group to be featured on the PTSA website, e-mail with information for review!