Garfield College Network

Garfield College Network combines the work of Garfield staff with that of community organizations…

Garfield Staff

Community Partners

See “College Resources” on the College and Career Center home page to contact Garfield representatives of partner organizations, and learn how students can join a program.

  • College Possible Washington (Nonprofit organization pairing mentors with juniors and seniors all the way through college graduation)  
  • Seattle Promise (City of Seattle program providing free tuition for 2 years or 90 credits at the three Seattle Colleges) 
  • Upward Bound (City of Seattle program with college prep support and a summer academy) 
  • Y-Scholars (YMCA program that recruits 30 Garfield freshmen each year for support throughout their Garfield education)

→ Garfield PTSA provides direct funding for some community-partner organizations.