The PTSA is grateful to the families, alumni, and other members of the Garfield community who generously support our workThere are several ways to donate to help Garfield maintain its standing as one of the best high schools in our state.

Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is our direct giving campaign and is immediately applied to programs that we support.  You can read more about where these dollars go at our Annual Fund page.  Click the Donate button to give now!

Spring Fundraisers

Each spring the PTSA organizes a special event that allows parents/caregivers and community to get together for fun and fundraising (an auction and more).  The pandemic forced the 2020 and 2021 fundraisers to be online, but we resumed in-person events in 2022.

The event changes every year, but the goal remains the same, to help our students.

Shop for Garfield

Office Depot and OfficeMax: In stores or online, Garfield High School (not PTSA) can receive a quarterly donation equal to 5% of eligible purchases made in store or online, BUT ONLY IF you provide the school ID number: 70107399. (Cashiers can look it up for you.) More info.

Amazon: Thank you to everyone who designated our organization to benefit from the Amazon Smile program, which ended on Feb. 20, 2023. More info.


Volunteer for Garfield

Volunteers may not fit the category of “fundraising,” but they make a huge difference at our school. Read more about how to get involved.