2020-21 Schedules and Course Change Requests

Schedules will be available Thursday, September 3rd on the Source at:  https://ps.seattleschools.org/public/

Questions and support: sourcesupport@seattleschools.org

Course change requests will be accepted during the first 3 school days by emailing your school counselor. No course change requests will be accepted prior to the first day of school. 

Course Change Request Form: https://garfieldhs.seattleschools.org/UserFiles/Servers/Server_7283/File/Resources/Counseling/Forms/CourseChangeRequestForm_ADA.pdf


*Please read and follow all instructions on the course change request form

*After the end of the 3rd day of school (Wednesday, Sept. 9th), course change forms will not be accepted

*Submit ONLY ONE FORM per student via email to their counselor

*Students who have no schedule, an error on their schedule, or 12th graders who are missing a graduation requirement will be prioritized

*Students selected their course requests in the Spring. Counselors tried their best to honor those course requests and we will not consider changes outside of those course requests.