AWS Girls’ Tech Day – November 13

Join us for AWS Girls’ Tech Day 2021, a fun-filled tech program where you can explore coding, robotics, cloud computing, problem solving, and more! This virtual event will take you on your very own space mission and you’ll experience an all-star lineup of speakers, hands-on learning sessions, and fun activities. Our mission is to inspire and motivate girls and young women, ages 8-24, to develop and pursue their interests in technology. 

AWS Girls’ Tech Day 2021 activities: 

  • Learn about coding through interactive sessions
  • Connect with our all-star lineup of women in tech and girls in STEAM
  • Discover how algorithms, machine learning, and cloud computing power Amazon’s fulfillment process 
  • Get your questions answered by our AWS Recruiters
  • Register for the Launch Prize Space Competition 
  • Dance with DJ Les, play trivia games, and much more

For more information, and to register:;F:QS!10100&ShowUUID=E3B90249-7BCD-47C9-B042-5ED8C1E9EDA4