A Letter from Principal Shareef Regarding Parent Grade Concerns

Garfield Community,

I want to speak to the parents and guardians right now.  I am hearing that some parents are concerned about the lack of grades in the gradebooks and the slower pace of our curriculum and instruction this year.  I’d like us all to take a deep breath.

It is with intent that we are slowing down.  It is by design we are focused on the priority standards within each course.  We are intentionally designing assessments that let us know if students have grasped the concepts.  Teachers are meeting with students, individually and in small groups to check for understanding.  

More importantly we must slow down to make sure your children are going to be okay. I cannot tell you how many families have  told us that their children are over whelmed and stressed out. We will continue to adjust our teaching and learning expectations in order to support our student and staff emotional well-being.  

As I visit classes it is clear that teachers have to be agile as they navigate everything from tech and software issues to working to engage each student each day.  We cannot view this as a normal year, but we will get through this, if we are thoughtful about what is best for our students and the teachers who have been charged with “building this airplane, while flying it.”

Please continue to check with your children and let us know if they need additional support. We will continue to adjust and move forward with all deliberate speed. 

We can do this, together.  One Garfield.


Princess Shareef


Garfield High School