AP Exam Registration and Payment Confirmation Inquiries

Earlier this week there was an email sent in error to over 250 families regarding a balance due for AP exams. Rightfully so, this sparked a lot of panic and fear regarding both AP registration and questions about payment. The error spurred from SchoolPay not populating payments and linking them to registered students on Totalregistration.net.

Since this error, I have received several inquiries asking to confirm individual student’s registration status; so please let me help. To limit the amount of inquiries in my inbox, I have included the following information:

1. To Confirm AP Registration: You can confirm your student has successfully registered for their AP exam(s) by accesing their Totalregistration.net confirmation page in you or your student’s email. It will have the names of the exams the student successfully registered for as well as the amount owed.

2. To Confirm AP Payment: You can confirm your student successfully paid for their AP exam(s) by logging into SchoolPay or your email and matching the reciept of payment to the amount listed on you or your student’s Totalregistration.net confirmation page.

Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused and I thank you for your understanding!

Tiffany Bigham