Changes to Athletics, Performing Arts Protocols

Updated 1/28/22:
Due to high COVID-19 community transmission rates, Seattle Public Schools will continue to have no spectators or audience for indoor athletics or performing arts until Saturday, February 5, in SPS facilities. This decision will be reviewed again at the end of February.
Students participating in Unified Sports may require parent/guardian support to participate. Parents should work directly with their child’s school leader and or athletic director to attend. Vaccination or a negative test will be required to attend in-person.
From the SPS 1/14/22 School Beat:
There will be no spectators for high school sports through January 21. SPS will re-evaluate the protocol this week to determine if the ban on spectators will continue beyond January 21.
In alignment with athletics protocol changes, there will be no audiences allowed for performing arts through January 21. If it is determined that the safety protocol will be extended for athletics, the same will be for performances at the middle and high school levels.