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Countdown to Graduation Checklist – 9th/10th Grade


  • Visit the College/Career Center.  Become familiar with the resources.
  • Participate in school extracurricular activities.
  • Take PSAT at least once each year.
  • Review your academic progress; plan for next school year with parents and counselor.
  • Remember the grades earned in 9th grade are part of your official high school transcript.
  • Use the Summer Search booklet to locate summer enrichment programs.
  • Meet with college admissions representatives who visit the College/Career Center.
  • Meet with your counselor to discuss results of PSAT/NMSQT.
  • Consult handbooks of colleges, trade, and technical schools.
  • Talk with teacher about taking subject test in areas/courses you have completed.
  • Consider the career/technology course offerings at the Seattle Skills Center.
  • Start generating an activities list or pre-resume.
  • Register for SAT and/or ACT.