Disabled Parents and Disabled Caregivers Listening Session

Please join SCPTSA, in partnership with National PTA, for a virtual Disabled Parent/Caregiver listening session on Saturday March 19th 11:00AM -12:15PM to share your experiences and your perspectives on family-school partnerships.
Note: this session is for Disabled Parents and Disabled Caregivers, whether or not their student qualifies for IEP/504.  This is not for non-disabled parents/non-disabled caregivers of students who qualify for IEP/504.  
How do you and your family want to engage with your school? What makes for strong relationships between you and your teachers? SCPTSA will use this feedback to make family-school partnerships more inclusive and impactful in your community. National PTA will also use your feedback to inform a set of National Standards for family-school partnerships nationwide.