Donate to the Education Equity Fund

The Alliance for Education and Seattle Public Schools created the Education Equity Fund to ensure students can continue to learn during the COVID-19 crisis, especially students furthest from educational justice.

Seattle Public Schools is offering continuous learning to all students while our schools are closed. But many SPS students lack the resources and access to take advantage of this support. You can help students overcome technology barriers and allow all students the opportunity to continue learning from home during this global pandemic.

By donating today to the Education Equity Fund, we can ensure students in Seattle Public Schools have access to continuous learning despite school closures. 100% of contributions will directly address the continuous learning needs of Seattle Public Schools students, families, and teachers.

Investments in the Education Equity Fund will be used for:

  • Devices and technology to ensure students and families have access to remote, continuous learning
  • Technical support for families so they can support their students
  • Training for teachers and staff to best serve students remotely
  • Additional learning resources for students when they return to school, to ensure they can catch up and stay on track

Contributions of any size make a difference. Thank you for supporting equitable access to learning during this critical time.

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