Garfield Cares Club Donation Drive

A message from Garfield Cares Club:

Hello Parents, we are Garfield Cares Club which is a student led club that focuses on providing mental health support, safety, and resources (such as food, clothing, toys, etc) to the Garfield/greater Seattle community. Currently, we have been running a toy drive within Garfield and reaching out to students to donate any of their unused toys, books, and stuffed animals that are in great condition. All of these donations can be dropped off in the boxes stored in the counseling office at Garfield during their office hours. All of the toys we receive will be donated to John Muir Elementary School–a historically underfunded and resource lacking institution that we have reached out to and whom would love to get some toys and books for their students. The reason why we are reaching out to you all is to ask if you/your kids have any toys/books/stuffed animals that they would be willing to donate to the John Muir Elementary School kids? Anything helps! The only requirement is that all donations must be in great/good condition, meaning no rips, stains, negative/toxic smells, etc. Thank you all for your time and for hearing out our mission and I hope that you all will be able to donate and help out with anything you can before we reach our December. 10th, 2019 deadline! Have an amazing day!

Contact with questions.