Garfield Pen Hosts Pentober Daily Art Challenges

The Pen, Garfield’s literary and arts publication, will be releasing a set of art prompts for the last week of each month. This month’s prompts are for Pentober, their spin-off of Inktober! Here are the guidelines/rules:

1. Give a content warning for sensitive topics
2. Follow school guidelines (nothing discriminatory, but nudity is allowed)
3. Post a picture of your work on your story, tag @theghspen, and use the hashtag #ghspentober

The prompts for October are:

10/25 – School Spirit
10/26 – Night Life
10/27 – Frogs
10/28 – Out the Window
10/29 – Loss
10/30 – A Fall Encounter
10/31 – Mask

Everyone is encouraged to participate! For more information, see