Garfield Trivia Club team places fourth at Knowledge Bowl Nationals!

GHS Knowledge Bowl Team. From left to right: Mr. Nomura, Aviv Pinker, Miles Boudinot, Ava Agopsowicz, Nick Chrisman.

The Garfield Knowledge Bowl team placed fourth in the 3A division at the first-ever Knowledge Bowl National Championship, hosted by the Colorado Knowledge Bowl organization. The online tournament featured keen competition between top teams who had participated in Knowledge Bowl events this school year. Knowledge Bowl is a fun and fast-paced event where school teams of four players work collaboratively to answer challenging questions on academic subjects including history, language arts, math, science, foreign languages, fine arts, and other topics such as current events.

Last month, Garfield’s Knowledge Bowl team placed second in a statewide online Knowledge Bowl competition, missing the top spot by one question. Members of this year’s team include: Sr. Ava Agopsowicz, Jr. Miles Boudinot, Sr. Nick Chrisman (Co-Captain), Sr. Ivan Karp, and Sr. Aviv Pinker (Co-Captain).

Below are a few of the questions that our team was able to successfully answer at the tournament. If you’d like to try these, the answers are given below. Please note that at this level of competition, the questions were rarely read in their entirety.

1. Correctly list, in order, the elements whose chemical symbols spell out the French word for “eggplant”.
2. What is the study of the depth of bodies of water called?
3. In Spanish, this citrus-y phrase means ‘soulmate’ or ‘partner’.
4. Oceanography: There are five of these in the world ocean: one in the North Pacific {we buzzed in}
5. Vaccine Funding: What well-known country artist {we buzzed in}

1. Gold (Au), Beryllium (Be), Roentgenium (Rg), Iodine (I), Neon (Ne)
2. Bathymetry
3. Otra media de naranja
4. Ocean gyres
5. Dolly Parton