GHS Distance Learning Bell Schedule

On Friday, April 3, Principal Howard sent out a distance learning “bell” schedule as a guide for teachers, students, and families. From the email:

“Below is a ‘bell’ schedule to help organize our distance learning for students and families. Teachers will use this schedule as a guide, so we can avoid learning opportunities overlapping. District guidance reminds us that the type and amount of work given to students should be significantly different (& less) than in regular school. These class periods are not meant to be “filled up” — rather, individual teachers have the flexibility to arrange the time to best meet the needs of their students. Based on content and learning needs, some teachers will continue to post lessons primarily on Schoology that can be completed at times of student choice rather than setting “live” meetings. Direct communication between teachers and their students remains the core of this plan, and this schedule lets families know that they can expect certain times of day to be focused on whatever “live” activities (Teams meetings, video lessons, etc.) a particular class has. If a teacher has multiple sections of a class, they can create flexibility for students by letting them “attend” any section of that class’s “live” activities. “