No Tolerance for Hazing

Typical times for hazing are Homecoming week, the fourth week of September at Garfield culminating with the game and dance on Friday, and Spirit Week, the first full week in June, culminating in Purple and White day. These have been a typical times when hazing involving Garfield students occurs.  In recent years hazing has occurred on prior days also.  Hazing is initiating or harassing another student with meaningless, difficult, dangerous, or humiliating tasks and may involve skipping school, risky and demeaning activities, and alcohol/drugs.  Garfield has a strong discipline policy on hazing (link).  The Seattle School District also has a discipline policy that includes hazing (link).

What you need to know:

  • Hazing often escalates into dangerous behavior and has lasting negative effects on thousands of U.S. high school students each year.
  • Participation in hazing will be disciplined and that may include long-term suspension or expulsion from school.
  • It is a crime for students to possess alcohol or drugs, including inside their body.
  • It is a crime for students to provide alcohol or drugs to other students.
  • It can be a crime for students to physically, verbally, or mentally victimize another student.
  • Parents may be held legally responsible for any harm to others that occurs at their home.

What you can do:

  • Please discuss hazing with your student so they are clear on your expectations and those of the school.
  • Please know where your student is and what they are doing on key dates, and the days leading up to then!  Consider collecting them from school or bus.  Make sure your home and vehicle are not available for hazing.
  • Please help protect your student and other students from making poor and potentially dangerous choices.
  • Please preserve Garfield’s local and national reputation for excellence, NOT hazing.