Principal’s Newsletter – 4/27/21

Principal Shareef’s 4/27/21 newsletter:

Good Evening Garfield,

I apologize for not getting out a newsletter last week, we have been very, very busy getting students back in the building.  I stand in the hallways at the beginning of the day.  Just to be able to greet students is a treat for me. Last week ran pretty smoothly and it feels as if students are quickly figuring out all the processes and procedures.  Thank you for all your support!

PTSA Thank you!

Yesterday, tulips were delivered to each staff member.  They were absolutely beautiful and so appreciated.  The three ASB students who  passed out the bouquets during 2nd period put a smile on teachers’ faces.

Some clarifications parents have been asking about:

  1.  Attendance:  At this time, it is true that students must be marked absent if they miss the in-person portion of the day. This is connected to the school’s responsibility: “in locus parentus”, which means that we have a legal responsibility to account for students’ presence/ non-presence in our building. You also have the same “Excused absence” procedures as in the past.
  2. Wednesday schedule will remain remote and support family & student check-ins with teachers, small group support and student clubs, each Wednesday afternoon.
  3. IMPORTANT:  If you have chosen in-person learning and have not attended by May 7th, we will be removing you from in-person and returning you to remote.  Garfield has a waiting list of students who are trying to participate in the hybrid in-person learning and space is limited.
  4. REMINDER:  The attestation process is running smoothly.  Make sure students continue to download and complete BEFORE they arrive at school.
  5. Graduation:  Please note that graduation time has been pushed back to 5:00 p.m. in order to allow for sanitizing between ceremonies.