Safe Schools Action Plan Proposed

Image excerpt from visual aid for Action PlanAn initial plan to address safety concerns has been developed with leadership by the PTSA and input from members of the community. It reflects immediate needs, and will evolve based on feedback and discussions. Please download a visual-aid version and/or read on…

INTRODUCTION, by PTSA Co-President Alicia Spanswick

The recent tragic loss of Amarr has reminded us of the importance of action and accountability for ourselves and more importantly, for our leaders. It is vital for the safety of our students and staff, and the prevention of more lost lives, that our Seattle Public Schools Board, Superintendent, and the City of Seattle, hear us. We are no longer asking for support, we are demanding it.

To that end, please use this guide to help you navigate the complicated waters of city and school district government to get your voice out there. The main demands we have listed in the action plan below are immediate measures that must be taken for the safety of our students through the end of the school year, and to start the process for making next school year safer and stronger.


(Note that some of this may already be happening at the district but we have not been advised yet of these plans):

To SPS District Superintendent:

  1. Trauma Response team on campus through the end of the year providing counseling support to students and staff as they navigate their ongoing trauma and grief.
  2. No make-up days for the two days that were canceled. Mental health and overall well being are more important than two days of school at a time like this.
  3. Provide alternative schooling options, like online assignment turn-in, OR waivers for students who do not feel safe going to campus for any reason.
  4. Provide a minimum of two (2) additional security personnel through the end of the year.

To SPS Board:

  1. Fund a minimum of two (2) additional security personnel to the school for the entire next school year.
  2. Waive the “moratorium” on School Resource Officers (SROs) for Garfield Campus. This should be a nuanced program with a Community Caretaking approach.
  3. Work with SPD to establish an on campus presence through the end of the school year, and for the SRO program next year.

To Seattle Police Department:

  1. SPD Presence on Campus through the remainder of the school year.
  2. Work with SPS and the City of Seattle to fund and staff the SRO Program at Garfield next year.

Contact information for each office is on the downloadable visual aid version of the Action Plan.

We are going to open the forum for longer-term violence prevention, intervention, and enforcement, as well as security measures at our PTSA meeting, Tuesday, June 11 at Garfield and streaming online.

Thank you,
Alicia Spanswick, on behalf of Garfield High School PTSA Board