SPS High School Grading Policy

This week, the school board voted to temporarily suspend portions of the district’s high school grading policy so that students taking high school courses will receive either an “A” or an “Incomplete” for the duration of the COVID-19 related school closure. This change applies to all high school students, including those receiving specialized services. Several grading options were analyzed using the district’s racial equity tool including a review of student case studies. While there is no perfect solution, the A/I grading option recognizes the challenges faced by all students and intentionally minimizes harm for students furthest away from educational justice.  
To receive an “A”, students will engage to the extent possible in activities or learning provided and make progress towards grade-level standards. Making “A” the only credit-based grade will ensure students, especially students furthest from educational justice, are not harmed as a result of their circumstances or inequitable access. In addition, to encourage students’ engagement in learning, educators will have the option to give “Incompletes” to students who had the ability to engage but did not. Incompletes will be carefully monitored by school leaders and every effort to engage students in learning will be made. Students who receive an “Incomplete” will have an option to appeal this decision and will be able to complete work through summer and fall semesters of 2020. If progress is demonstrated, a student’s transcript will be adjusted to reflect an “A”. Per a new state law, seniors are also eligible for emergency waivers for any credits they had planned to earn by February 29. More information on these waivers can be found on the Class of 2020 FAQ page.  More information on high school grades during school closures is available in the High School Grading FAQ