SPS Remote Learning For High School Students

In alignment with  revised guidance from OSPI, the state education agency, Seattle Public Schools began providing ongoing, remote learning for students preK-12 on March 30.  From the FAQ:

High School Students: High school students will be provided with at least one standards-based lesson/activity per subject per week noting that some more in-depth lessons or activities may last for multiple weeks.

Teachers will use district adopted instructional materials and provide required accommodations and modifications as applicable, including acceleration (e.g., 504 compliant). Student progress will be monitored over time and, as needed, individual feedback will be provided to students. Once a week, high school teachers will schedule time for students and families to ask live questions about content and directly connect with students a minimum of twice a week to support learning. Counselors will prioritize reaching out to seniors and developing plans to support them with graduation requirements and their postsecondary planning. In addition, students will receive support on their high school and beyond planning through a Schoology course. More specific information will be provided by your child’s teacher or teachers.

Read the full FAQ at: