UW Pre Health Conference — Saturday, Feb. 3

Is your student interested in a medical career? They should consider attending the 17th annual Pre Health Conference at the University of Washington on Thursday, Feb. 3 starting at 8:30 AM. High school students can purchase a discounted ticket for $5 (by Jan. 26). The ticketing website is https://tinyurl.com/2018MAPSPHC; promo code is FUTUREHUSKIES. For a detailed program schedule, visit their website at https://mapsuwsite.wordpress.com/the-pre-health-conference.

The theme of the conference is “Redefine Healthcare: Inspiring the Next Generation of Healthcare Professionals,” which is a call to stretch the bounds of healthcare. It will focus deeply on the variety of careers in the healthcare system and the multitudes of paths that you may take to get there, as well as address the importance of diversity in the health professions in order to address the nation’s need to eliminate inequities in the quality of health care for underserved communities. Each of our breakout sessions will exemplify the themes of community, diversity, and equity.

Students will have the opportunity to:

  1. Network with high school students across Washington, undergraduate students, medical students from the University of Washington, and health-care professionals from all different fields including but not limited to medicine, nursing, dentistry, optometry, and pharmacy
  2. Attend workshops and such as: 
    a.  Broadening the Scope of Healthcare which include panelists from dentistry, nursing, physical therapy, research, pharmacy, health administration, social work and more
    b.  Specialities in MD
    c.  Healthcare Policies
    d.  Medical Student Narratives
    e.  Pre-Health advisors from the University of Washington
    f.  Personal Statement workshops
    g.  and much more!

In addition, students will also be able to participate in hands-on interactive activities such as: 

  1. Simulation Surgical Demonstrations brought to you by UW WISH Labs
  2. Ultrasound brought to you by residents at UW Medicine