UW STARS Program for Engineering

UW STARS Program | Seniors who are applying to U of W and are interested in engineering may want to consider the STARS program.

Why? U of W’s engineering program is now “Direct to College.” Students who have identified engineering and are accepted are admitted “freshman direct” to that program, as well. However, sometimes a student’s transcript may not show their aptitude for STEM coursework coming in as a freshman. They may be accepted to UW but not accepted “freshman direct” to the College of Engineering.

What? The STARS program offers an alternative route to receiving a degree in engineering. This program puts them into a cohort of classes that would allow them to get into their engineering program of choice after they finish the 2 year program. Note – student must be eligible for financial aid (preference for Husky Promise, Pell Grant, and State Need Grant recipients).

The early application deadline for this program is coming up on Friday, Dec. 21, and the normal deadline is next year on March 31, 2019, which is right after UW decision letters go out (March 1st-15th). CLICK HERE for more information: https://www.engr.washington.edu/stars