Volunteering at Garfield

Garfield depends on a robust community of volunteers to support the school and ensure that ALL students thrive. Opportunities are available for both short-term events and long-term roles throughout the year. Volunteers who work directly with students within SPS schools must be approved and the application can take up to two weeks to process, so please consider submitting applications now.  Volunteer eligibility is good for two years (one year for Field Trip Chaperones) and you can apply to multiple Seattle schools at once.  Thank you volunteers!

Current volunteer opportunities at GHS are posted here:


Note that all volunteers need to complete a volunteer screening form if they are going to be working in the school, available at https://seattlepublicschools.volunteerlocal.com/volunteer/, or you can pick one up at the front office.

To find volunteer opportunities for the PTSA, check the PTSA Volunteer Page (https://garfieldptsa.org/category/volunteer) or contact the PTSA President at president@garfieldptsa.org to discuss where your talents can be put to use.

If you have any questions, volunteer coordinator Kris Morada can be reached at (206) 252-2400 or kemorada@seattleschools.org