Welcome to the 2018-19 School Year

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Welcome Families of the Garfield Community PTSA!

Welcome to our new families to the Garfield Community and welcome back returning families! Hopefully the summer has provided you some much-needed down time and an opportunity to recharge your energies. We are excited to welcome Andre Canty and welcome back Barbara Rockey as Co-Chairs.

As a community, we have spent the summer reflecting on how to continue building on the amazing growth in the last school year.  We have come to realize that in order to thrive within the community as a parent organization, we must be willing to join a collective group of parent communities to work, serve and support our rich and culturally diverse community, while embracing its complexities. We have spent time with Principal Ted Howard and his staff to better understand the school’s intentional vision and mission that support Garfield students to think both critically and compassionately on their path to becoming our thriving future leaders. We look forward to hearing more from the school this year on how they intend to grow a new culture at Garfield that supports every young person to thrive.

As a community partner, we support this new vision and are equally committed to supporting all Garfield students to succeed in their lives. This year the Garfield Community PTSA will be recommitting itself to the ongoing race, equity and social justice work so important to the school, building relationships with our amazing and diverse family community and strengthening our partnerships with the administration, teachers and other invested community partners.

To provide all Garfield students with the support they need to become leaders for themselves and their community, attain academic success and develop a foundation of compassion as their compass, we need the support of an expanded, diverse family community this school year.

We know there are so many demands on your time. So join us in any way you can! There are plenty of opportunities for parent, caregivers and families to participate in the Garfield Community PTSA! You will find many ways to be involved in the attached packet. Additionally, these documents are available on our website, www.garfieldptsa.org, where they can be translated. Here are a few details about the packet contents:

  • Ways to be involved! The Garfield Community PTSA offers many ways to hear about GHS activities. We publish the eBark, a weekly online newsletter, and also use the Garfield Community PTSA email list to send out important messages about school happenings, volunteer opportunities, sporting events and more. Please provide your email address on the form in this packet or sign up online at http://tinyurl.com/GarfieldPTSASignup.
  • Volunteer opportunities! From helping out in the school, to getting involved with a Garfield Community PTSA committee, to supporting the Gala that helps raise money for programs that support all students to thrive at GHS, there are many ways to volunteer. Your energy and attention support the school and the students directly. We also want to learn from as many parents as possible about their aspirations for our young people. To make it the best experience possible for you, review the options online or contact the Garfield Community PTSA volunteer coordinator Kris Morada at kemorada@seattleschools.org who can match volunteers to needs.

Currently we are in need of community members for the following positions:

  1. Large Grants Coordinator: Track large grant progress and report back to the PTSA
  2. 2 Gala Reps: Plan event and help coordinate volunteer team
  3. Events Chair: Communicate and coordinate with committee leads in hosting student, families and community events throughout the year
  4. Special Projects Chair: Communicate and coordinate with committee leads for staff appreciation, membership, and small and large grants
  5. Secretary: Responsible for minutes at board and general meetings, reserving meeting space and miscellaneous
  • Opportunities to contribute financially. We benefit from the financial support of the entire Garfield community to fund expanded educational opportunities at our school. The Garfield Community PTSA provides generous funding to the school each year to support every student:
    • AmeriCorps teacher aides in Spanish, LA/SS, P.E. and Science classes
    • Classroom supplies
    • Large grants such as Y-Scholars and College Access Now
    • Small grants such as:
      • Low Water Sustainable and Edible Garden Design
      • Poetry Slam Night
      • Computer Science Robotics Kits
      • Romeo and Juliet Performance
    • Library Materials
    • Writers in the Schools program
    • Safe & Sober Grad Night
  • FOR 9th GRADE FAMILIES and NEW FAMILIES, A SPECIAL WELCOME! We know the first weeks of school are a big transition for ninth grade families and students new to Garfield, and we want to support you in any way we can. Your packets include an invitation to the 9th Grade & New Family BBQ, a fun event where you can meet other families and learn about clubs, teams and student government. This year’s BBQ is also welcoming ALL new students and families. (This event will be replaced by an alternative event TBA). Please check our website at https://www.garfieldptsa.org for information on PTSA and GHS events and activities. We hope to see you at this and other upcoming events!

Your PTSA works closely with the Garfield administration and the school district on many issues that affect the school.  Feel free to email us with your thoughts or feedback: president@garfieldptsa.org.

We welcome everyone to attend General Garfield Community PTSA and Board meetings. PTSA Board meetings are every 2nd Thursday of the month. Our meeting dates are still being finalized for the year, but up-to-date calendar information can be found on the website www.garfieldptsa.org.

Welcome again! We are looking forward to becoming a strong, compassionate and diverse community of learners together this year who can support all students to achieve academic success and grow into our next generation of thriving leaders.

Barbara Rockey and Andre Canty, 

Garfield Community PTSA Co-Chairs