$10K in PTSA Grants to Clubs, GHS Staff

The Building Leadership Team (BLT) recently approved nearly $10,000 in PTSA funding for a variety of staff projects and student club activities.

  • DeltaMath online learning platform, teacher licenses: $1,000
  • Laptop chargers (40) for teachers to keep in room for students who lost/forgot theirs: $1,000
  • Blackout shades for two south-facing classrooms to enable students to see projections and make temperatures more comfortable: $2,500
  • Translation mics (20) so ELL students can read translation of classroom lectures in their first languages. (This technology is already tin successful use and merited expansion.): $400
  • Copies of “Purple Hibiscus” (60), a book that all 10th-graders read: $700
  • Copies of book for psychology class (8): $150
  • Parts to build remote-control car for computer science: $150
  • New whiteboard for PE teacher: $500

Student Club allocations of up to $300 for general expenses such as food and materials, unless otherwise noted. (This is a first round of funds for clubs — more to come.)

  • Filipino Student Association
  • Vietnamese Student Association
  • Chinese Student Association
  • Japanese Student Association
  • Korean Student Association
  • Asian Pacific Islander Student Union
  • Chess Club
  • Engineering Make Club (materials for a maker space)
  • Pickleball Club