The Messenger Article — “Cap It All Off!: What One Graduation Gown Color Means for Garfield”

The idea of “One Garfield”, as represented by identical gowns and caps in color at graduation, has been discussed for a while, but the issue became increasingly controversial in recent years.

Last year, former class of 2016 ASG vice president Hannah Farrell and other members of ASG strongly advocated for a single color gown. The senior class vote was extremely close, and the final verdict was to continue with two colors.

This year, ASG tried once again to implement this issue, and faced similar backlash and controversy to last year’s attempt. As a result of negotiations, the senior class was presented with the option (on the manual form) to choose between two colors without a direct correlation to gender. … Click to read more.

By Esther C. in The Garfield Messenger student paper. Subscribe or donate to support great student reporting. Submitted by new Messenger Editor Flora T. Thanks Flora!