A Garfield Find: Orienteering Team

Compass for navigationStudents interested in orienteering can sign up now for the 2023-2024 competitive season. (It is not an official SPS sport, but Garfield has a team coached by parent Jared Hopkins.)

What is this activity? Orienteering is the sport of navigation — often held in unfamiliar terrain — using a map and compass. According to Orienteering USA, it’s easy to learn and a fun way to exercise body and mind while enjoying the outdoors.

In 2022-2023, Garfield did not have enough members to field a school national team, but GHS members participated in the Cascade Orienteering Club team that won the club division at nationals. This year the nationals will be held in Quincy, WA (March 22-24, 2024).

Youth of any age (elementary – college) can join “WIOL” orienteering. It is a great lifelong sport!

More information:

  • Cascade Orienteering Club
  • Coach Jared is happy to answer questions. Let him know if you join the Garfield team so members can do school-team specific training, or take advantage of regional training opportunities.