Applications Open for Teen Tix Newsroom Writers – DUE 9/18

Interested in writing for the TeenTix Newsroom?

Applications are open now for the 2019/2020 school year and are DUE BY SEPTEMBER 18. 

The TeenTix Newsroom is a group of teen writers led by the Teen Editorial Staff. The Newsroom operates in line with the school-year schedule and runs continuously from September-June. Newsroom writers review events at TeenTix Arts Partners for the TeenTix blog.

Made for teens to connect with other like-minded youth and write about art, the TeenTix Newsroom is a place for teen arts lovers to practice their writing skills. Along with a teen editor, who edits their work, teens attend an arts event for free. Afterwards, they write a review that will be published on the TeenTix blog! For each review, writers work individually with an editor on the Teen Editorial Staff to polish their writing for publication.

Teen writers receive a stipend of up to $20 per review.

For more information, and to apply: