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Attend a Parent Party!

Did you miss the Gala this year? Don’t worry! You can still attend a fabulously fun parent party and benefit Garfield. Click here to sign up!:

Freshman Parents: “Spring Fling” on Saturday, April 21 — Great food, festive drinks and fabulous conversation at the Johnstons’ home in Madrona.  This a great opportunity to get to know other parents in the class of 2021 as the year draws to an end. Your Hosts, Cassandra Johnston, Rachel Gleeson, Bonnie Rochman, Deeann Partlow, Noel Hudson, and Vivian Wilson

Sophomore Parents: “Tropical Dinner & Dance Party Under the Stars” on Saturday, June 2 — Please join parents of the class of 2020 for a festive evening of Caribbean Rum Punches, a delicious tropical dinner from Barrio, and music under the stars on Saturday June 2nd at the Trombolds home in Madrona. A Garfield High Jazz Trio will grace the evening. This a great opportunity to get to know other parents in the class of 2020 as the year draws to an end. All proceeds will go directly to the Garfield PTSA, funding the arts, more teaching power in the classrooms and special projects. Your Hosts, Kevin and Heath Trombolds, Sarah & Danny Westneat, Kim Lavacot & David Bennett, Julia Kellison & Nick Straley, Phoebe O’Neill & Brian Neville.

Junior and Senior Parents: “All Together Now” on Saturday, May 12 @ 8 PM — At the home of Melissa Feldman and Dan Greenstein. Please join us for light hors d’oeuvres, dessert, drinks, and disco. Hosted by Melissa Feldman, Lauren Marshall, Sally Hulsman, and Barbara Kelley. Cost: Free or donate what you wish at the door.

You can still make a donation! Visit our GoFundMe (and share with your friends!):