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DATE CORRECTED! Purple & White Day Volunteers Needed — Friday, June 15


Purple & White Day is coming soon on Friday, June 15, and it can’t happen without your help!  

Volunteers are needed for a variety of events. There’s something available to suit every schedule. If you have time during the day, you can help out with the student BBQ or Field Day. If you’re only free at night, help us by chaperoning the dance.

Here are the details:

Student BBQ (flexible from 8 AM – 1 PM 12:30 PM). 

We need about 2 volunteers to help the lunchroom staff prepare for the BBQ. There are watermelons that need to be cut, plates/silverware to set up, and an outdoor food service area to stock. Please contact lunchroom manager Rachel Kayne directly to sign up, at More information here:

Field Day (2 – 3:45 PM)

10-15 volunteers are needed to help at each of the different Field Day events.

Student Dance (8 – 11 PM at Factory Luxe)

5 chaperones are needed to attend the dance.

Anyone interested in volunteering for the Field Day and/or Dance, please contact Kris Morada, Volunteer Coordinator, or (206) 252-2400.

It should be a really fun event with lots of student participation. Please come out and join us in making the day a memorable one for our Garfield community. Hope to see you there!