District Launches Tech Plan Including Laptops for Every High Schooler

As part of the , all high schools will provide a computer to ninth-grade students beginning in 2019-20 to keep for four years. The decision to equip incoming freshman with their own device is not about establishing a ratio, rather ensuring students have the tools and skills they need to be successful in high school and beyond.

Seattle is far behind neighboring districts in providing this type of learning support to high school students.

Providing a laptop to every high school student closes an access gap ensuring every student is given the right tools to be successful in high school. In addition to providing high school students a district laptop for four years, wireless hotspots will also be made available for check-out by students who would otherwise not have a way of accessing the internet while away from school.

The Seattle School Board approved the district’s technology purchases at the June 12 board meeting. Watch here: