Final Grades, Transcripts and Schedules for Next Year

Information from the Registrar’s Office:

The 2021-22 final grades will be available and posted on The Source by July 9.
The 2022-23 schedules will be posted on The Source on September 6.
The first day of the 2022-23 year is September 7.

Final transcripts for U Washington and U California schools should be requested via Naviance. Final transcripts for Common App and Coalition schools will be uploaded after July 9 by your Garfield counselor.

Student schedules and grades are always posted on The Source:

The Source support:

When schools are closed, you may request transcripts from our District Online Request System: https://seattleschoolswa/ Your order will be fulfilled by

For 2022-23 schedule changes, email your counselor by Friday September 9 3:30pm. Counselors return on August 30.

Tech support for students & families: or 206.252.0100

If you are assigned to, but not joining Garfield for the 2022-23 school year, please notify us:

For assistance when the office is closed, you may contact Garfield’s Main office, 206.252.2270.