Financial Reality Fair — Monday, Oct. 8

The Financial Reality Fair on Monday, Oct. 8 is a great opportunity for students to learn about financial literacy and have fun doing it! This is a Day of Service for BECU employees throughout Puget Sound. During the simulation students will be assigned roles: an occupation, a monthly salary. They’ll try to manage their expenses while making important decisions about transportation, housing, entertainment and more.

BECU employees will play two different roles: salesmen trying to upsell the students getting them to buy things they can’t afford, and financial consultants having conversations around budgeting wants vs. needs and helping the students to make better choices. The simulation runs on an app called “The Bite of Reality” and will give students a chance to prepare for their adult lives, better manage their money and make smart financial decisions.


  • GTV will introduce event by 9/24
  • Students MUST Download App during Advisory Week of  9/24 and 10/1
  • BECU is donating Kindles for students without smart tech (for event & to GHS)
  • Juniors/Seniors WILL MISS INSTRUCTION ONLY during fair times
  • Fair #1 during Advisory & 2nd period (Juniors)
  • Fair #2 during 4th & 5th period (Senior)
  • Regular Schedule for all Freshmen/Sophomores for entire day

Schedule for Juniors & Seniors on Monday, Oct. 8

1st Period — Regular for both

Advisory — Regular for Seniors, Juniors report to Auditorium for Fair at start of period

2nd Period — Regular for Seniors, Juniors at Fair

Break — Regular for both

3rd Period — Regular for both

Lunch — Regular for both

4th Period — Regular for Juniors, Seniors report to Auditorium for Fair at start of period

5th Period — Regular for Juniors, Seniors at Fair

6th Period — Regular for both