Frequently Asked Questions Re: Schedules

Moving Classes Around:

My student would prefer a different class schedule. Can we rearrange his/her classes?

Unfortunately, no. Our master schedule is created after students make their registration requests in the spring. It is important that students seriously consider their class selections as our course offerings are developed based on these selections and students are expected to take the courses they sign up for. Our first priority is to help students get the courses they need to graduate. We have over 1600 students at Garfield High School. Each student has six periods per day, creating more than 9,600 “slots.”  If we were to try to give each student the classes they want in the sequence they prefer, we would have an impossible task.

Switching Teachers:

My student would like to change a teacher for any reason including differences in learning styles and/or differences in personality.  

We are unable to accommodate specific requests for teachers. With over 1600 students at Garfield, it would be impossible to match every student to the teacher of his/her choice. All teachers hired by Seattle public Schools are well qualified in their subjects. Additionally, they make every attempt to teach to a variety of learning styles.