Fresh Start: Fine Forgiveness for Teens at The Seattle Public Library

The Seattle Public Library is expanding Fresh Start. Since 1999, the Fresh Start program has given teens ages 12-19 a one-time chance to clear their overdue fines. Now, thanks to support from The Seattle Public Library Foundation, the Library can also forgive fees for lost items.

About Fresh Start

When Library accounts have an unpaid balance of $15 or more, they are blocked from checking out materials. Many teens have blocked accounts due to late fines or lost items. The average balance on a blocked account is over $50, which many families are unable to pay.

With Fresh Start, teens get a one-time clearing of all fines. And thanks to The Seattle Public Library Foundation, the Library can also clear charges for lost items.

For Teens with Fines and Fees

If you are aged 12-19 and have a Library account blocked due to late fines or lost items, stop by any Library location or contact us online to request a Fresh Start. This is a one-time opportunity to get your account cleared of fines and fees.

Donate to Fresh Start            

You can help a young person get back on track! Donations can be made online at The Seattle Public Library Foundation’s website,, or patrons can contribute to Fresh Start when paying their fines (online or in-person). Find out how you can support this program and help teens start using the Library again at

To learn more about how The Seattle Public Library Foundation and its programs to support the Library, visit or call 206-386-4130.    

For more information about the Fresh Start program, visit, call the Library at 206-386-4636 or Ask a Librarian.