Game Experience Seattle — High School Game Development Program

Ever want to learn what it’s really like to make a game from start to finish? Here’s your chance! This program will take you through every step of the game development process, from initial concept to fleshing out mechanics to the shipping of the final product.  You’ll hear stories from professional game developers about the hardships and creative victories of the development process.

In this program, the student will:

  • Understand how to concept and scope a small project
  • Learn basic 3D modeling with Maya
  • Develop your own 3D environments with Unity
  • Learn basic C# coding
  • Develop teamwork and development skills through a group project
  • Learn animation theory and the feeling of movements
  • Learn level design concepts and how to build an engaging experience
  • Understand character and environment art design
  • Study the pros and cons of different business models for games

Located on University of Washington campus, for students ages 15-17. Registration deadline Sunday, July 15.