Garfield 2017-2018 Schedule Changes

FAQ on schedule changes for the 2017-2018 school year:

What time does school start/end?—Start 8:55 AM and end 3:45 PM. Wednesday early release at 2:30 PM. Please note the first day of school is NOT an early release day.

Why does school end early on Wednesdays?—For meetings, teacher preparation & planning, professional development and technical training.

Will there be advisories next year?—Yes, advisory periods will be held 4 days per week to support students academically and socially/emotionally. Advisory will be 40 minutes 3 times per week and 55 minutes one day per week. Students can meet with teachers, work on college and career planning and receive lessons designed by the counseling department. Additionally, assemblies and other all-school activities will be held during advisory to keep class time intact as much as possible.

Do students earn credit for advisory?—Students earn .25 credit per semester graded Pass or No Credit based on attendance and participation.

How will students be assigned to an advisory group?—Students will be randomly assigned, and there will be a mix of grade levels per advisory.