Garfield Orienteering Seeks New Team Members

Orienteering is a sport like cross country running, but it is done with a map and compass in park on in the woods. We have a bit of a Garfield Orienteering Team this year, with two students so far. If we can get a few more people on the team, Garfield might be competitive for a team award next season.

There is still plenty of time for Garfield students to learn the ropes and compete in the interscholastic series this spring. There are 4 more meets this year: 3/20, 4/3, 4/17 and 4/24. JV Rookie is a great option for students who have never orienteered before. I am happy to provide remote and/or socially distanced coaching, advice, etc. if anyone wants to give it a go. It says on the web page that registration closes on February 27th, but I verified with the registrar today that it is still OK for students to sign up. Cost is still $30 even though one meet has already happened. I can help with costs if there is a student that cannot afford registration.

Feel free to call or email for more information:  Jared Hopkins, 206-324-5271,