Garfield Students First to Receive Free “ORCA Opportunity” Passes

Garfield High School students became the first students to receive free ORCA passes under Mayor Jenny Durkan’s “ORCA Opportunity” program to provide free, safe, and reliable transportation for all of Seattle’s public high school students. With this major milestone, Seattle is now the largest city in the country to provide high school students with unlimited, year-round free transit passes.

Studies have shown that a lack of convenient and affordable transportation for students is a significant barrier to school attendance and associated with chronic absenteeism. Free transportation through unlimited student ORCA cards will set Seattle’s students up for greater academic success this school year and years to come. The expanded ORCA Opportunity program will save parents time and money by providing a no cost alternative to driving their kids to school.

Click here for more information on Mayor Durkan’s ORCA Opportunity Program.