Garfield Theatre Is Close to its Fundraising Goal for New Microphone System!

 Garfield Theatre has a $5,000 matching funds challenge for all donations to their Sound & Lights Capital Campaign through June 30. They are ecstatic to announce that they have already raised more than 75% of the funds needed to get the full matching donation. Thank you to all who have participated so far! 

They now need help to reach this goal. If you haven’t heard, they are required to replace their entire microphone system because the current equipment operates in bandwidths that have been auctioned off by the FCC to mobile broadband providers. While replacement of the aging system has been on their wish list for years, they now have to make it a top priority. With your help, they are optimistic that they can get this done before their next musical!

Please double the impact of your gift for this important cause! DONATE HERE: