Garfield to Enforce Parking Policy

Principal Hart has announced that, as of Jan. 22, the school will tighten its enforcement of parking policies.

Dr. Hart’s Jan. 19, 2024, email also says:

This initiative is driven by the need to address the limited parking availability for our staff and visitors, ensuring they have sufficient and convenient parking spaces.

To manage this situation, students should not park in any of the school’s three parking lots. These are:

    • the staff lot behind the gym building
    • the Administration lot adjacent to the Football field, and
    • the lower public lot in front of the gym building/Quincy Jones Center and Medgar Evers Pool.

Additionally, we remind all student drivers to prioritize safe driving practices on school premises. Students should not be in or around their vehicles during school hours except if they have an approved early dismissal.

Failure to follow this policy will result in the issuance of parking violation stickers. We understand that this may be an adjustment, and we appreciate your cooperation and support.