Background on Volunteering at GHS

Seattle Public Schools encourages parents, family members, organizations, businesses, and other community members to volunteer! Thanks for your interest in volunteering with Garfield staff at the school or on field trips.

Below is a brief overview of information from the Garfield volunteering page and District volunteering pages. Last update: 3/29/24.

Note: Information below doesn’t cover some of the opportunities at external organizations such as the PTSA, Friends of Garfield Music, Garfield Jazz Foundation, Supporters of Theatre at Garfield (STaGe), Garfield Science Foundation, and sports booster clubs.


  1. Categories
  2. Approval process
  3. Choosing a role
  4. GHS training/orientation


Which will cover your interests and capabilities: Category A or Category B?

  • Category A includes all in-school and remote volunteer positions supporting our school, staff, or students. These roles may involve direct interaction with students under supervision. A district staff member must be on-site and in view during student interaction. Examples:
    • Classroom assistance
    • Field trip supervision
    • Chaperoning at school events
  • Category B encompasses roles that involve unsupervised contact with students, requiring additional screening. Examples:
    • Hallway monitoring
    • One-on-one tutoring (including remote)
    • Mentoring
    • Chaperoning for trips longer than three days.
IMPORTANT: Athletics volunteers should inquire with the Athletics Department or learn more here. A different approval/application process is involved. Note that some sports at Garfield are supported by nonprofit or other organizations with their own volunteer needs and procedures.



Continuing volunteer (non-athletics): If you have gone through the volunteer approval process since August 2018, you normally only need to renew the approval every 2 years. Log in to your online volunteer account to see expiration date, or to start renewal/update.

New volunteer (non-athletics): After selecting Category A or B, you’ll follow the steps below.

    1. Mandatory Training (This is an online training, “Preventing Sexual Abuse of Children and Youth,” available in English, Spanish, Somali, Vietnamese and Chinese.)
    2. Review of Volunteer Handbook
    3. Volunteer Application (Includes Background Check that takes up to 2 weeks)
    4. Final Approval/Assignment by Garfield Volunteer Coordinator or other staff

—> Ready to get approved? Start the first three steps now!



  • Please note that in addition to the steps above, each volunteer will complete a Garfield training/orientation session before commencing their volunteer activities. This ensures you are fully prepared and understand GHS/SPS policies and expectations.
  • During these training/orientation sessions, volunteer scheduling will be discussed.
  • Remember to initiate your Seattle Public Schools volunteer application process at least two weeks before your intended start date to accommodate the approval period for each category.