Gofundme for Mr. Zimmermann’s Medical and Recovery Expenses

Tim Zimmermann, beloved friend, colleague, and GHS Language Arts and Journalism teacher, was hit by a car on May 5th while he was out for a run. After a thirteen-hour surgery to reconstruct both of his elbows, he spent a week of initial recovery in the trauma surgery ward at Harborview.

He was discharged on Thursday, May 12, and will be staying with friends for the next few months while he heals and re-learns how to use his arms. He can’t lift any weight, so he needs help eating, taking medication, brushing his teeth, making calls, etc. He’ll also need help getting to appointments with orthopedists, occupational and physical therapists, speech therapists (the head trauma took a toll), and mental health folks.

He’s feeling optimistic and up to this, and is very moved by how quickly this Go Fund Me met its goal. Thank you for your help with his many expenses (huge hospital bills, medical care, food, rent, car, pet care, etc.). Please continue to do what you can to help financially, and spread the word. Every little bit helps.