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Grad Night Chaperones Needed! — Wednesday, June 20

The Garfield Community PTSA is looking for chaperones to join us for Grad Night on Wednesday, June 20!

The qualifications are simple, we need responsible adults who can help keep a watchful eye on students, help with supervision and make sure seniors enjoy their last night as GHS students! The most important qualification is the ability to stay awake and keep a positive, upbeat attitude!

The more chaperones we have to help out, the faster and smoother activities run, which means seniors have more fun. This is a really great event, I have chaperoned several times and it’s a lot of fun. We provide transportation, food and plenty of coffee! We’d prefer chaperones who can commit to the entire event, but If you want to help and cannot commit to the entire night, we’re happy to arrange for a partial early, or late shift.

Junior parents we need your help! Next year the class of 2019 will be headed to the Grad Night celebration, and we’ll be asking parents of the class of 2020 to help out by chaperoning the event. Please pay it forward by volunteering for this year’s Grad Night.

If you have questions, would like further details, or are interested in helping out please email me at the address below.

Thank you!

Theo CIelos,