Greer/Hanselman/Simmons Scholarships for Trade, Vocational or Technical Students

One of the Garfield Golden Grads scholarship categories is designed for students who are interested in preparing for a trade, vocation or technical work rather than a four-year academic degree. Many of our local community colleges, such as Seattle Central College, South Seattle Community College, North Seattle Community College and other specialty schools such as The Art Institute of Seattle, Bates Technical College, Renton Technical College and City University offer a wide range of programs designed to train you for a specific trade or vocation that would prepare you for future employment.

Here are a just a few examples of these programs: Fashion Design, Basic Machining, Commercial Photography, Graphic Design, Culinary Arts, Legal Assistant, Nursing Assistant, Digital Design, Computer Network Technology, Welding, Automotive Technology, Game Art & Design.

The Greer/Hanselman/Simmons Scholarships were designed specifically for students who are planning to go to one of these schools and enroll in one of these types of programs. This year there are 8 of these scholarships each at $2,000 to be awarded. And, they are renewable after the first year if the student succeeds and wants to continue in the program for the next year(s).

INTERESTED?: Your senior can pick up an application in the Career Counselor’s office.