Sign up for the Hip-Hop 2 Prevent Program

Healthy Youth CAN (Central Area Network) is starting a program called “Hip-Hop 2 Prevent.” Hip-Hop 2 Prevent Substance Abuse and HIV (H2P) is designed to improve knowledge and skills related to drugs and HIV/AIDS among youth ages 12-16 with the aim of preventing or reducing their substance use and risky sexual activity. The program incorporates aspects of Hip-Hop culture–including language, arts, and history–as a social, cultural, and contextual framework for addressing substance use and HIV risk behavior. Students will end the program with a retreat and a performance showcasing their talents.

You student can sign up for this after-school program in the Commons during lunch or the Teen Life Center (GTLC). Program starts in March!

For more information contact Danielle Bock-Grande in Quincy Jones Auditorium Office Q113. (206) 252-2387 office phone. (206)-487-7400 work cell