Highly Capable Services Advisory Committee Survey

The members of the Highly Capable Services Advisory Committee seek your input about key topics that face our students and families now and in the future. Please complete this 2-minute survey to shape unified advocacy efforts for service delivery.

Your voice matters! Thank you for taking time to offer your quick input.

Highly Capable Services Advisory Committee 2018-19 – Welcome, Reconstruction and Call to Action!

Are you interested in staying informed and perhaps advocating for advanced learning opportunities that are relevant and equitable to all our learners in Seattle Public Schools (SPS)? Various issues—from capacity planning to appropriate curriculum delivery—face our students and call for attention and action.

My name is Lisa Ginther Huh, and I took the reins as president of the Highly Capable Services Advisory Committee (HCS AC) from Jeanne Thompson this summer. You may recall that Jeanne led the Advisory Committee for many years; as context, this group of parents and staff historically has advised the district on the implementation of services and programs to support Advanced Learning students and families, alongside any concurrent and time-bound task forces that the district spun up over the years. SPS recently put their involvement with the Advisory Committee on pause, citing the re-envisioning work of the new Advanced Learning Task Force (ALTF) and the need to await their recommendations (after 12-18 months and any subsequent Superintendent and Board decisions).

Many committee members expressed interest in continuing to stay informed and advocate for Advanced Learning as parents and staff representing their school communities on a non-linked voluntary basis. I invite you also to join in the discussion—particularly as we seek diversity of voices across our broad community.

Strength in numbers can increase the impact of engaging both locally and collectively with principals, school board representatives, the superintendent, etc. Please share your perspective in our short survey as we gather together!

Lisa Ginther Huh

SPS HCS AC President